Rental Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the Auto Club rental terms and conditions below and then proceed to fill out the reservation request form.

Minimum Rental Period

3 days

Drivers age

Drivers should be at least 23 years of age with a 3-year driver’s license while the age limit is at 75 years.

Driver’s license

All drivers should hold a valid driver’s license for at least one year. An international driver’s license is required for all drivers who do not come from member states of the EU. International Driver’s Licenses are valid in over 150 countries and include information about the holder written in the Latin characters, as well as a photo of the driver.

The penalty for driving in Greece without this legal license documentation is €1.000 for the rent a car company and €1.000 for the client. We therefore kindly request all non-European Community drivers to ensure that the have a valid international driver’s license prior to arrival in Greece.
Before arriving in Greece please check that the driver’s license is valid and according to information above.


The rental car is to be returned with the same amount of fuel as when delivered.

Traffic violations & fines

Traffic fines and administrative sanctions incurred during the rental period are under the responsibility of the renter. If any kinds of fines are not taken care of by the end of the rental period, the authorities will request the renter’s details and the fine will be sent by post.

Payment methods

Renters can pay via credit card (Visa and MasterCard) and bank deposit.


All Auto Club Car Rental rates include 24% VAT, airport and all other local taxes. No extra airport tax is charged for delivery or collection at Athens International Airport.

Delivery and collection services

We provide free delivery and collection of your car rental during business hours (08:00 – 18:00) at our central office in Maroussi, Athens Airport, Piraeus Port, Rafina Port, and any other location within Athens specified by the client. Delivery and collection of your car rental out of hours office only upon request.

Transfer by boat

Renters can transfer their rental car by boat only if that they have written permission from Auto Club Car Rental Agency. If you wish to transfer your rental car by boat, you are required to inform us immediately.

Rentals outside Greece

Renters are not permitted to drive or transfer Auto Club Car Rental vehicles outside the Greek borders.

Rental rates include

– Free pick up and drop off: Free pick up and drop off at Athens International Airport or at our central station agency.
– Unlimited mileage: Unlimited mileage is valid for rental periods over three days.
– Prices for monthly rental periods include 3000 free kilometers: For monthly rental periods prices include 3.000 free kilometers. For monthly rental periods every extra kilometer the renter is charged with amount that is mentioned and written on the pre-agreed contract.
– Third party liability insurance cover: Third party liability insurance covers third parties for body injuries and death, including passengers (except the driver of the vehicle), up to 1.000.000€ and material property damages to third parties up to 1.000.000€.
– Fire insurance cover.
– 24 hour road service and breakdown assistance.
– Accident assistance.
– Baby seats upon request and availability.
– Free second driver (second drivers name is included in the contract).
– All local taxes, vat, airport tax.
– Theft protection cover: In case of vehicle loss theft insurance that is included in the rental prices protects and dismisses the renter from all financial burdens.

Theft protection DOESN'T cover:

Theft of personal belongings from the vehicle. Theft whole or in part caused by negligence (e.g the renter left the vehicle unlocked or if the ignition keys were left in the vehicle with the engine running)

Collision damage waiver insurance (C.D.W)

We provide collision damage waiver insurance with deductible that depends on the category and type of the rental car.

Our extra CDW insurance coverage is not valid for the following damages:

– To the underside of the car and the tires caused by driving on non-paved roads.
– Due to damages caused by the driver when being under the influence of either alcohol, drugs, medicine or any situation that makes them incapable of driving safely.
– Caused by people not stated in the rental contract as drivers of the rental car.
– Purposeful damages or losses arising from the renter’s inattention.
– Damages caused due to car racing or test driving.
– Damages caused by animals.
– Damages caused in the internal area of the vehicle, holes, tearing and burns in the seats.
– Damage caused on tires, wheels, car suspension, batteries, glass-mirrors, radio cd. Loss or theft of parts of the vehicle. Damage caused by theft.
– Damages caused by driving in inappropriate places and rough roads. Damages as a result of driving in places where vehicle traffic is banned, such as sandy beaches, off-road paths, rough tracks, unbridged rivers or streams, gravel roads or any other off-road areas.
– Damages caused by sand, pebbles, stones, ash, or other kinds of earth materials being driven or carried into the vehicle.
Extra CDW insurance coverage is not valid when the renter is not using the vehicle properly and is neglecting it on purpose.
In case of accident or damage incident (fire, theft etc)
– Notify the local police.
– Record the names and addresses of witnesses.
– Immediately notify Auto Club Rental central reservation station (Tel : +30 210-6100 934).
– Record all relevant information about the incident and the people involved.
– Within 24 hours from the time of the accident the renter must complete an accident report with all the details of the incident.

Auto Club Car Rental has the inalienable right to terminate without penalty the rental contract and remove the vehicle from the hands of the renter or anyone who holds it on behalf of the renter, without any warning, when the vehicle is improperly operated and the renter does not obey the terms of the contract.
For any further information regarding the rental terms and conditions, you can contact us at

Tel: +30 210-6100 934
Email: [email protected]