10 Tips for safety and prevention of car accidents


10 tips for safe drive

What should we do to prevent a car accident & avoid its serious consequences?

When driving or riding in a vehicle, we should remember the following:
1- We always wear our seat belt
2- We don’t drink when we drive, nor do we drive when we drink
3- We do not develop excessive speed and always follow the permitted speed limits of the roads
4- We do not violate traffic signals, especially the red light
5- We do not overestimate our driving skills, but neither do other drivers
6- We maintain our vehicle often and especially before every trip
7- We renew our vehicle’s tires on time and check their pressure frequently
8- We fasten our children well in a special seat
9- We don’t use our mobile phone while driving
10- Bicyclists always wear our helmets, but also the appropriate clothes with which we protect our bodies

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